Forbes: berikut adalah 50 syarikat blockchain paling keren

The 300% growth of cryptocurrency projects and Bitcoin in 2020 has attracted many new ventures to the crypto sphere. Some of them were included in the traditional annual list of the coolest blockchain companies according to Forbes

The 50 best blockchain companies that have changed not only the cryptosphere, but the whole world were named on February 2. Among them, 23 are American firms, six are from China, two are South Korean, and two are Australian and South African.

Many are newbies who have begun to explore the cryptosphere due to the global pandemic. A complete list of featured companies can be found at Forbes 2021 # Blockchain50.

These are businesses from a variety of industries that have invested millions of dollars in DLT technology to improve their own business. It is the right move. Blockchain technology has allowed them to catch up and overtake competitors.