Platform blog Blockchain Mirror telah tersedia untuk semua orang

Mirror has made its Ethereum-based blockchain blogging platform available to everyone. Now everyone who has an ETH wallet can join the ranks of the resource's authors.

The Mirror project, which is a decentralized blogging service, started back in December 2020. Since then, in order to become one of the authors, a person had to pass a competitive selection, getting into the top ten of those for whom the community voted weekly in the framework of the “materials race” called WRITE Race.

The results of this authoring competition were updated every Wednesday, and users had only two hours to vote for their favorite works using the internal protocol tokens WRITE. The winner received one WRITE coin. Then he could exchange it for his own blog hosted directly on the Mirror and in the .xyz domain zone. This has been the case until today.

After the update from October 6, WRITE Race has lost its relevance. Now, to become one of the authors of the resource, a person only needs to own an ETH wallet and a certain amount of free time, as well as inspiration for writing articles.

Almost every commercial platform built for personal and public blogs sells ads and traffic created by user materials. At the same time, the authors of Mirror independently manage their articles, since they are not filed on the servers of a particular resource or firm, but in a blockchain. In other words, their content can't be changed or distorted, and users can drop the platform at any time, having previously destroyed all their materials, if they do not desire to remain part of the Mirror community.

After connecting a personal ETH wallet, platform participants can create materials and embed various media blocks into it: videos, iFrames, posts from social networks, and other materials. In addition, users can import their publications from other services Substack and Medium.

Despite the external similarity of Mirror to the latter, the platform is able to offer integrated cryptographic capabilities. The protocol allows community members to log in and “sign” messages using an ETH wallet, and uses the Arweave network-based storage protocol to back up publications. This, among other things, helps to make them as resistant to censorship as possible.

Over the past months, the Mirror added crypto-focused elements of the internal economy, capable of monetizing creators. So it became possible to offer your own NFTs, conduct auctions, and crowdfunding. It has already been used by writer Emily Segal, who raised the necessary amount to publish her new novel, and the authors of a documentary about Ethereum, who received more than $1.9 million in voluntary fees on the platform.

Apart from this, Mirror has also become a popular tool for DAOs and decentralized autonomous organizations. Since many of their members are actively using Discord, Mirror aims to offer them a convenient decentralized alternative to messenger servers.

In the future, the service will offer even more features for the community, including a subscription system, a feed of interests and updates of favorite blogs, as well as an advanced editing system and support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains.

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