Datuk Bandar Miami mahu menerima gajinya dalam setara dengan bitcoin

Francis Suarez said that he would like to receive the next salary in the Bitcoin equivalent. To convert, he advised the authorities to use the Strike or Bitwage app.

Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami since 2017, has repeatedly spoken out in favor of calculating the equivalent of digital currencies. After all, it was thanks to his efforts that the city turned into one of the most popular crypto hubs in the United States.

Suarez spoke about his intention to convert his future salary into Bitcoins on his Twitter account, adding that he really wants to become the first politician in the United States at the federal level to accept payment in Bitcoin equivalent.

Based on the Mayor's salary over the past years, it is $97,000 per year. Thus, with the current Bitcoin price on Binance at $61,780, the mayor officially receives about 1.57 BTC per year, and his monthly salary is 0.13 BTC. However, such calculations do not take into account the fact that state residents can always vote to increase the mayor's salary.

Suarez said he would not like to burden the authorities with unnecessary work. To simplify the payment process, he suggested Bitwage or Strike as an alternative. This, in his opinion, will significantly reduce the amount of "paperwork" when converting cash into the main cryptocurrency on the market.

Considering that most of the positions at the federal office level will open only in 2022 and the post of the head of Miami, including, will be presented for voting. So far, however, Suarez holds the leading position among six non-partisan candidates. Perhaps this is the reason for the optimism of the mayor regarding his future payments in Bitcoins.

Previously, Suarez has repeatedly emphasized his intention to "transform" Miami into a "cryptocurrency center" with the most progressive legislation for a new asset class in the United States. Borderless Capital backed the legislator's initiative by launching a $25 million fund to support new Miami-based blockchain startups.

Politicians from other American states share Suarez's views on the need to integrate digital currencies at the federal level. For example, the mayor of Cool Valley, Missouri, Jason Stewart, pledged to distribute over $1 million in Bitcoin equivalent to 1,500 residents, and Eric Adams, who is in the race for mayor of New York, spoke about his intention to turn the city into Bitcoin center ”.

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