Pihak berkuasa Korea Selatan menjual bitcoin yang dirampas

The Bitcoins obtained unfairly by the police from criminals in 2017 were sold in 2021 in South Korea

It took the authorities of that country four years to develop a legal sale procedure. All this time the coins were frozen.

The new law on cryptocurrencies has been in force since March 25. Almost immediately, Bitcoins were sold. The money raised is transferred to the state treasury.

During these four years, Bitcoins have risen in price by 4000%. In 2017, they were valued at $288,000. In 2021, they were sold for $10.8 million.

South Korean authorities have recorded a sharp increase in interest in cryptocurrencies. Alas, many use them for criminal purposes. In such cases, the Government confiscates digital assets. That's what happened in 2017. It is good that the income from these cryptocurrencies will go to good purposes.

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