Opinion: Bitcoin Will Not Meet Serious Resistance Under $28,000

 At the moment, the price of bitcoin is reaching $ 11,160 after the rate of the first cryptocurrency briefly exceeded the $ 12,000 mark, which has not been observed over the past 12 months.

Bears have not set serious resistance levels

On the way to Bitcoin reaching the $20,000 mark, there are only 2 serious resistance levels - the recent $12,300 and $14,000, set by the bears in August 2019.

Cryptocurrency expert Max Keizer is sure that Bitcoin only awaits really serious resistance at the $28,000 level, and it is not so difficult to overcome all the levels preceding this indicator.


Not everyone agrees with the analyst's optimism

Not everyone agrees with Max's opinion, since the only case of BTC reaching the price of $ 20,000 was provoked mainly by a strong fear of losing an investment opportunity (FOMO index). But it is worth noting that Bitcoin now has more serious reasons for growth, for example, the purchase of huge amounts of BTC by the large Grayscale trust fund.