Grayscale Buys Three Times More Bitcoins Than Miners Mine

The investment company Grayscale has bought almost 20 thousand bitcoins over the past seven days, now their total balance is almost 400 thousand coins, which is about $3.69 billion at the current rate.

Where does the information come from?

The analyst Kevin Rooke, a rather well-known in narrow circles, spoke about this on his Twitter.

The growing appetites of Grayscale

Note that over the same period of time, all the miners of the planet were able to get only 7081 BTC. Therefore, it appears that the investment pace of the company Grayscale 280% ahead of the Bitcoin issue.

Grayscale statistics for the last month

Analyzing the actions of Grayscale over a longer time period, we can see that the company has been ahead of Bitcoin emission for more than a month. Suppose, since May 11 (the day of halving), the fund acquired 53,588 BTC ($494.3 million), and over the same period, miners were able to get only 39,544 BTC ($364.8 million).