BTC boleh turun ke $6400

Sven Henrich of Northman Trader is confident that Bitcoin could still fall to $6,400. The Trader and Cryptanalyst Explains When This Can Happen

According to him, it is very important now for the price of Bitcoin to step over the level of $45,000. This is a critical level. Victory or defeat.

It is necessary to break through the indicator of $45,220. Rise above the 3.618 Fibonacci level. The new stable February ATH will provide protection against a new bearish reversal. The same as in 2018.

Bitcoin found support at 2.618 Fibonacci levels twice in January 2021. The third attempt can be fatal. Bitcoin will crash lower and the crypto market will face a larger pullback.

Sven Henrich is confident that in the event of a new bearish rally, the minimum for Bitcoin will be the highs of 2017 and even lower. Ultimately, the fall in the price of the first cryptocurrency could lead to $6.4 thousand by 2022. So traders who trade Bitcoin should be on the lookout for bearish signals.