Bitcoins From Space: Historical BTC Transaction

An astronaut from Canada Chris Hadfield became the world's first owner of BTC through a satellite orbiting our planet.

What happened?

This transaction was carried out during the Asia Blockchain Summit 2020. CEO Pixelmatic Samson Moe sent $100 in bitcoins to the astronaut via the satellite, located at a distance of 35 thousand km from the Earth's surface.

Where is this coming from

Such information appeared on the official page of Pixelmatic on Twitter.

Crypto transaction in space

The Blockstream Satellite service was behind the technical side of the issue. This time, the platform was configured in such a way that the transaction was carried out outside the planet, more precisely, from the transmitting communication center to the three satellites of the company, which are in the geosynchronous orbit of the planet.

Once the crypto assets were credited to the astronaut's wallet, he could not keep his emotions, he called it real magic and said that blockchain technology has huge prospects in this industry.