Bitcoin Whale Sent Over $ 1 Billion BTC With Less Than $ 4 Commission

The second largest bitcoin wallet made a transaction sending 92,857 BTC ($ 1.1 billion) to two wallets. Sending over $ 1 billion in BTC only cost $ 3.97 in fees, at 83.2 satoshi per byte.

The Whale Alert monitoring service wrote about the transaction, identifying the wallet with the XAPO cold storage service.

Presumably, over 92,000 BTC were sent for safe storage in a cold wallet. At the moment, 0.0019 BTC remains on the sender's wallet, and the recipient's wallet is now in the TOP-3 of the largest wallets in the bitcoin blockchain.

These addresses are not the property of any large businessmen but are used by cryptocurrency exchanges to keep their clients' assets as safe as possible in cold storage in order to protect them from hackers. The exchanges use a network of underground bunkers on five continents in order to keep BTC safe and sound.

In May 2018, it was reported that XAPO accounts contained 7% of Bitcoin reserves, which at that time was about $ 10 billion.