Bitcoin Price Falls To Monthly Low

 On Sunday, the Bitcoin rate fell to $ 8975, below which it was trading at the end of May this year

Weekly rally

All week, traders watched the growth of the first cryptocurrency, but on Sunday, June 28, the price of BTC suddenly fell. After a small correction, Bitcoin tried to regain its position, and its value at the time of writing the news is $ 9150.

On Monday, June 22, Bitcoin began with a solid level of $ 9300, by the evening of the same day, testing $ 9680.

Pending growth

On Wednesday, a correction began, and the BTC rate fluctuated between $ 9114 and $ 9320. But on Sunday, June 28, the price of the first cryptocurrency fell to its lowest level in the last month, reaching $ 8974. The last time Bitcoin traded at this price was on May 27, when all markets fell due to coronavirus.

A small rebound may indicate that the “bulls” are trying to raise the BTC rate to $ 10,000, a very important mark for Bitcoin, and growth is still ahead.