Bill Miller: BTC rate of $9000 is as safe as never before

A well-known U.S. crypto investor Bill Miller feels quite optimistic about the current market situation.

Safe Level

He participated in the FutureProof webcast, where he called the current bitcoin rate (about $9,000) “as secure as never”. He also drew attention to a decrease in volatility and a relatively narrow range of trading.

“I think the current rate of around $9,000 is as safe as never"

Misunderstanding of colleagues

The investor totally does not understand why financial analysts don't advise their clients to keep at least 1% of their portfolio in bitcoins.  He sees the future for Bitcoin, so he has not yet sold a single coin.

Early investor

Recall, Bill Miller first acquired Bitcoin when it's the rate was at around $200.  Then, after the crypto exchange Mt.  Fox was hacked, he acquired another batch of BTC for $500. That is, he got near $300 of bitcoins in his portfolio.