XRP akan naik harga sebanyak 60%

Investors in XRP are confident that the cryptocurrency has not yet reached its annual ATH

Based on the analysis published online, despite recent market activity, XRP is still in the bullish growth phase. Judging by the 6-month schedule, 60% growth is possible.

Despite the bad start to the year, when the price of cryptocurrency fell due to litigation with the SEC, the coin did not fall to the bottom. The Asia-Pacific region provided great support for the project.

Many customers still use ripple cryptocurrency for international payments which provides good support. Since 16.03.2021, the XRP coin has been in the process of consolidation. The price of the cryptocurrency rose from 0.430 to 0.515 dollars. This is a potential breakthrough.

The graph shows a narrowing of the price range between the minimum and maximum price. A quick breakthrough is possible. The volume of trading for the day reached 3.2 billion dollars. This is a good volume of transactions.

As the cryptocurrency continues to grow, it can break through a couple of resistance levels. They are at $0.50 and $0.52. If they are broken, the price of XRP will rush to 0.55 dollars and above.



An optimistic outlook for the cryptocurrency is possible with strong support at the level of 0.47 dollars. Currently, the EMA and MACD graphs show a bullish impulse.

If the cryptocurrency overcomes the resistance level of 0.5, then, judging by the schedule of Fibonacci, the price of cryptocurrency can go up to 0.8 USD or higher. The lower support level for rollback is 0.466, 0.435.

You can track the value of the cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange.

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