Adakah Tesla akan menerima DOGE?

A poll by Elon Musk is being conducted on Twitter. He wants to know if Tesla should take DOGE

Immediately after publication (less than half an hour passed) 500,000 people answered this question. About 75% of them unanimously said yes.

Despite the interest in DOGE, this tweet is not particularly positive. After all, it is not an announcement and does not even guarantee the start of the reception of DOGE when paying for electric cars.

Most likely, this is a new manipulation with a long-suffering coin, undertaken by Elon Musk. Last week he promised that he would broadcast on TV and talk about DOGE.

This announcement inflated the price of the coin, but the miracle did not happen. Musk said absolutely nothing good about Doge. Numerous Musk fans and cryptocurrency investors were disappointed.

Probably the current tweet about Tesla from the same category. It does not bring any tangible benefit. Just another speculation on the topic of high-high and cryptocurrencies. Let's see what happens next.

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