3 altcoin ini menunjukkan pertumbuhan yang paling mengagumkan dalam 24 jam terakhir

Altcoins are rapidly gaining momentum to free themselves from the grasping paws of bears. The strongest of them for the past day were SNX, EOS, and AXS.

Synthetix is chasing new records

SNX became one of the most powerful players in the market over the last week, peaking at $12.76 on July 5. Analysts attribute this primarily to the growing interest in DeFi projects.

The graph depicts a 32% rise in SNX value from $9.17 on the 9th of July to an intraday high of $12.14.

The current SNX price on Binance is $10.63.

Axie Infinity continues to attract players

The second-best result for the last 24 hours belongs to the game token of the blockchain project, which made a lot of noise in many Asian countries. After all, how could cute virtual creatures called Axies be left unattended? Especially considering that the cost of some of them has already exceeded several thousand dollars a long time ago.

The VORTECS number, which is an algorithmic measurement of the market state of tokens from Cointelegraph, reflected the future growth of AXS after it touched 82. This happened 3 hours ere the value of AXS rose by 115% over the following 2 days, securing a fresh record on July 7 at around $16.70.

The current price of AXS on Binance is $17.55.

EOS Reacts To Stablecoin Acceptance

The 3rd best result in a day was demonstrated by the EOS blockchain, which made a splash in 2017, collecting $4B during the first launch of tokens.

The latest high-profile event for the protocol was the selection of its placement on behalf of Ducat for the algorithmic stablecoin CryptoFed, which became the first legally recognized DAO in the United States after the relevant legislation was passed in Wyoming.

Before that, there was news about the investment of $10 billion in the Bullish Global exchange, created based on EOSIO, which also became a catalyst for the growth of the token above the level of $4.41.

The current price of EOS on Binance is $3.90

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