The End: TON Team To Disable All Validators On August 1, 2020

The development team of the sensational TON project will turn off all of its validators by the end of this month and thereby stop supporting the test network.

Hurry up to save important data

The team of Pavel Durov turned to third-party developers with a request to stop testing the TON network and save important information.

You can start your network

The developers added that if someone wants to continue the testing process, then they can open their validators.

«We are discontinuing our support of the test network of the TON Blockchain. If you need to continue testing after this date, you can install your own testnet validators as explained here, here and here

TON Closure

Recall that because of a conflict with the US financial regulator (SEC), Pavel Durov was forced to close the TON project, return $1.2 billion to investors, and pay a fine of $18.5 million.