Garlinghouse mengkritik bitcoin kerana penggunaan kuasa

Ripple’s CEO criticized Bitcoin for over-consumption of energy resources.

While his company is fighting the U.S. financial regulator, Ripple’s founder has spoken out about Bitcoin. He lashed out at the main digital currency of the market, stressing that its Proof-of-Work consensus has been serving as a "secret sauce." But from the very beginning it became a trouble for the cryptocurrency community.

Garlinghouse attached some web-resources calculating BTC energy consumption, where one transaction of Bitcoins was equal to 75 gallons or 284 litres of gasoline, which was burned. At the same time, 35-40% of energy resources for BTC production is used from renewable sources. XRP registry, he said, is 100,000 times more effective.

The Ripple CEO specified that the community has all the strength to deal with this problem. In his opinion, perspectives of the main cryptocurrency has yet to be revealed and it needs to be made 100% renewable.

Garlinghouse said in his Twitter thread, that he did not support a potential Bitcoin blocking. He said all crypto-enthusiasts should work to "fix" the carbon footprint of the BTC consensus mechanism.

Seeing the answers to his talking points in social networks, Garlinghouse asked the cryptocommunity not to blame him for FUD, but rather to help convince those people who are concerned about the problem of the excess energy used by cryptocurrencies.

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