Pemalsuan lukisan terkenal akan menjual koleksi The Greats 4,608 NFT

World-renowned painting forger Wolfgang Beltracchi has joined the NFT frenzy. He presented his own project, The Greats, as a collection of 4,608 NFTs.

For more than three decades during his "career", Beltracchi has forged paintings by brilliant creators and sold them under the guise of originals. According to the artist, he has issued more than 300 of his own paintings for the works of honored masters. The deception is estimated at $45 million between 1980 and 2011. In 2011, the German government sentenced Beltracchi to six years in prison. However, already in 2015, he was released after serving a little more than three years in prison in an extremely “loyal” regime, coming to the penitentiary only to spend the night and the rest of the time working in official work. This was one of the prerequisites imposed by the department for Beltracchi and his wife, also sentenced to four years in prison for helping to sell counterfeits.

The non-fungible tokens from The Greats collection is a digitally recreated painting by Leonardo da Vinci, "The Savior of the World" ("Salvator Mundi"), which is now considered the most expensive work of art in the world. In 2017, during a Christie’s auction, it was acquired by the Prince of Saudi Arabia Badr bin Abdullah for $450 million ($400 million excluding the auction commission).

To diversify the NFT Beltracchi copied "Savior of the World" in the style of six artists from different eras:

  • High Renaissance (1400-1550) - Leonardo da Vinci
  • Post-Impressionism (1885-1910) - Vincent Van Gogh
  • Cubism (1907-1914) - Pablo Picasso
  • Surrealism (1917-1950) - Salvador Dali
  • Pop Art (1950-1970) - Roy Lichtenstein
  • Factor Art (1962-1984) - Andy Warhol

In addition, he will present a picture in his own style, standing on a par with the greats.

Since Beltracchi was banned from exhibiting and selling his work in galleries, art museums, and auction houses, he turned to the NFT space. According to the author, non-fungible tokens give artists a platform that does not depend on the traditional mechanisms of the art market.

The official website of The Greats collection is now available, and sales of 4,608 NFTs will begin in 8-10 days. This was announced by a representative of Beltracchi.

An interesting feature of The Greats will be the "hidden sale" buyers will not know which NFTs they will get. To this end, the project used Chainlink's Verifiable Random Function (VRF), developed for smart contracts and guaranteeing an element of randomness and the absence of exploits.

The project also integrates the Graph live infographic tool to showcase sales data, creating a real-life auction experience for everyone involved.

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