Ralat OpenSea Platform Menghancurkan $ 100,000 NFT

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) developer Nick Johnson reported an OpenSea bug that destroyed about 42 ERC-721 and ERC-1155-based NFTs worth over $100,000.

ENS is a service that links a cryptocurrency address to a domain to facilitate transactions. In other words, it turns your address of the form: “8e321a123fs6fh into a more intuitive form, allowing you to make transactions much clearer, especially for the sender of cryptocurrencies.

Today one of the main ENS developers Nick Johnson spoke about a mistake on the part of the OpenSea non-fungible token trading platform. According to him, when sending them the NFT in the form of the rilxxlir.eth domain, there was a problem on the platform side. Instead of sending the NFT domain to the personal address entered by the developer, nick.eth, the platform did not recognize the ENS format domain and sent the token to a random address, thereby destroying it. The developer stated the fact that from now on, the ownership of the rilxxlir.eth address has been permanently burned. He remains the owner of NFT, but will no longer be able to transfer ownership of rilxxlir.eth to anyone else.

After speaking with OpenSea tech support, Johnson shared the news on his Twitter account, claiming that he was the “first and only” victim of the bug. However, he soon discovered at least 42 more NFTs that it affected. He clarified that among them were non-fungible tokens from the collections of The Sevens, Art Blocks, and Bloot.

Users who were affected by the issue also wanted some kind of response from OpenSea. However, its representatives have not commented on the incident. Consequently, it is also unclear whether the owners of the NFT will be able to at least partially recover the value of the assets they lost.

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