GameStop merancang untuk melancarkan token dan platform NFT

The company, which became famous in 2020-2021 after an investment scandal involving Robinhood and subreddit r/WallStreetBets, is recruiting a team to launch the NFT platform

GameStop's website published a message about the formation of a team to launch such an ambitious project. The company is looking for developers, marketers, gamers, designers and other specialists to help bring the project to market.

GameStop representatives also posted a link to the smart contract on Ethereum. It is called "Game On Anon" and involves issuing a token with the same ticker as stocks traded on the stock exchange (GME).

GME stocks rose 18% after the blog post. The volume of trading also increased. It amounted to 8 million securities, and this number is higher than in the last 10 days.

If the share price continues to rise, many investors think that it is possible to repeat the February rally GameStop, which brought many good profits.

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