More NFL Players Are In Love With Bitcoin Trying To Get Paid In It
Two weeks ago a Vice President of the NFL Players Association, Russell Okung, posted a tweet that stirred up a lot of emotions within the crypto community. And that is where the relationships between NFL players and Bitcoin have started. The tweet says: “Pay me in Bitcoin,” which confirmed Okung’s desire to be paid in BTC. Many people, especially crypto-related supported an athlete providing “so much love” and information on Bitcoin and how he can be paid with it. He called himself a turn in sport and digital world.
“I’m part of the revolution. Long $BTC, short the bankers.”
Later it was revealed that NFL Quarterback, Matt Barkley, was trying to sign contracts with team who would pay him with Bitcoin. Bitcoin supporter, Anthony Pompliano, wrote: Matt decided to reply on the abovemention tweet saying that he had been already mining crypto. And again NFL player got a lot of supportive words from the crypto community. Yesterday Okung tweeted that some players started to hit him up to pay in crypto. It means that Bitcoin price is again gaining momentum We remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: