Mining Equipment Can Help To Grow Tomatoes
Kamil Brejcha, the co-founder of the Czech cryptocurrency exchange NakamotoX, came up with an excellent idea. The entrepreneur thought out that the heat that is allocated from the activities of mining equipment can be used for beneficial purposes. Thus, the world's first greenhouse with a "mining heating" was created. Brejcha says that the production of products will be put on stream and the vegetables and fruit grown in the greenhouse will appear on store shelves very soon. The principle of the greenhouse goes like this: there is a special container that mines cryptocurrency and transfers heat through ducts to the greenhouse under the ground, in the basement. Brejcha built a 5-acre greenhouse in such a way to grow tomatoes there. It is also worth noting that such a development will have a very positive impact on the environmental component, as heat will circulate in a closed system and significantly reduce the cost of electricity for mining by selling grown vegetables and fruits. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: