Mining company NiceHash temporarily suspended compensation for stolen funds
Official information on a temporary suspension of the compensation of bitcoins stolen in 2017 appeared on the Twitter of the NiceHash mining trading platform. Two years ago, a Reddit user said that NiceHash’s marketplace suffered from a hacker attack, which resulted in hacked user wallets and stolen bitcoins worth about $ 60,000,000. This information was confirmed after an official statement from NiceHash. In early 2018, the company launched a program whose purpose was to return stolen funds to customers, and by the end of last summer, 60% of all lost bitcoins were returned to users. To date, the company has managed to return 82% of the total amount. NiceHash said in a statement that funds for compensation were allocated from the commissions of the platform, which made it less profitable. And at the moment, in order to stay in business and keep the project operational, the team is forced to stop payments. Nevertheless, the mining marketplace does not abandon its plans to fully recover losses. Subscribers of the company's Twitter account such information was perceived mainly negatively. There are a lot of messages in the comments under the NiceHash statement calling for a refund and suspicions in SCAM.