Microsoft Is In the Process of Purchasing GitHub: Details of the Deal and GitHub Developers' Reaction
The representatives of Microsoft made an official announcement stating that the company will buy GitHub, a promising startup which has firmly established itself in the market. GitHub is a large web service for hosting IT-projects and their joint development founded in 2008. Its estimated price is now around $7.5 billion. According to the experts, this union is going to be beneficial for both sides. GitHub has not had a regular CEO for quite a while which resulted in decreasing of annual profits. Whereas, Microsoft is planning to change its focus from just working on the Windows to becoming more developer-friendly. The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella says that all the employees are “so excited about today’s announcement.Based on her words, GitHub is regularly used by almost 30 million people, it is open from developers from most countries of the world and projects of all levels. This web service is perfect for those who want to create new software, share it, draw inspiration or new ideas.
It’s a destination for Microsoft too. We are the most active organisation on GitHub, with more than 2 million ‘commits,’ or updates, made to projects, she added.
However, not everyone is happy with such a step from Microsoft. Many developers and cryptopersonalities firmly believe that Microsoft is going to supress and limit GitHub, make most of its services chargeable, thus, creating unfavourable conditions for most projects and startups. For example, the main developer of Bitcoin Core, Wladimir van der Laan, recommends to leave GitHub as soon as possible and calls its acquisiton by Microsoft “the beginning of a long painful road toward obsolence. We remind you that in March GitHub suffered from a major DDoS attack aimed at breaking the service down. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: