Microsoft Hits A New High — $1 Trillion In Market Valuation
An American multinational technology company, Microsoft, reached $1 trillion in market valuation. It has become the third US company to achieve such results, previously only Apple and Amazon managed to reach such digits. Microsoft passed the mark on Thursday when the stock prices went up significantly. The stock price opened at $130 per share and closed at $125 per share yesterday. When stocks were in their high, the company hit $1 trillion. The tech giant has shown great results in the third financial quarter thanks to its cloud services. The company boosts the growth of its services to catch up with Amazon’s AWS dominance. As for now, Azure is considered to be the second clown service conceding Amazon. Microsoft’s profit can be divided into three blocks; each of the blocks contributes almost the same amount of revenue in Q3. Here they are (digits in brackets show the revenue of each block):
  • Office, LinkedIn, and Dynamics ( $10.2 billion)
  • Azure cloud, server products, and enterprise services ($9.7 billion)
  • Windows, Xbox, and Surface ($10.7 billion)
While the fans of Microsoft are thrilled, the workers and leadership team continue working to achieve better, much higher, results. According to Microsoft’s chief marketing officer, Chris Capossela, said that no one would track digits, citing:
“This is a metric that nobody on the senior leadership team is tracking. Nobody is sitting around high-fiving when the stock hits some new high.”
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