Microsoft Has Announced the Termination of Support for the Operating System Windows 7

As it became known, Microsoft will soon stop to officially support its legendary version of the desktop operating system Windows 7. The corresponding statement was recently published in the official blog of the corporation.

This means that users who work on Windows 7 will no longer receive official updates from the company. As a rule, Microsoft makes such statements in advance so that users have enough time to upgrade to newer versions of the OS. So this happened this time – in its official statement, the company announced that it will support this operating system version until January 14, 2020. The corresponding notifications will begin to come to all users from April 18, 2019.

It is worth noting that over the years, the change from Windows 7 to Windows 10 was absolutely free. For this reason, everyone can freely upgrade their software and continue to receive official support for security protocols from the company.

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