Microsoft Email Clients was Hacked to Steal Cryptocurrency
Hackers used data leakage from Microsoft email clients (Outlook, Hotmail and MSN) to steal users' cryptocurrency. The exact number of victims of the attackers and the amount of stolen digital assets is still unknown, as reports the portal Motherboard. Microsoft representatives reported that in the period from January 1 to March 28, 2019, email clients were hacked. Hackers got access to user correspondence, then changed the password to log in to the account on cryptocurrency exchanges and stole digital assets that were stored in deposit accounts of victims. Netherlands resident Jevon Ritmeester said that just over 1 bitcoin, or around $5,400 Bitcoin was stolen from his account on the Kraken trading platform. According to him, all emails with the keyword "Kraken" were automatically forwarded to an email address owned by hackers. Because of this, the attackers managed to pull the scheme and withdraw all the money from the Dutchman’s account. Several users of the Reddit website published reports on the stolen cryptocurrency as a result of hacking Microsoft email clients. It is worth noting that the coins were stolen only from users who have disabled the two-factor authentication option on the crypto exchange. Initially, Microsoft announced that hacking into the security system resulted in leakage of metadata and user information. However, it later turned out that hackers gained access to letters and managed to set up redirection of correspondence to their address. According to the source, the corporation tried to hush up the incident, however, the victims of hackers are planning to sue Microsoft to get compensation. We want to remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: