Microsoft Announced the Release of a Game with Elements of Augmented Reality Called Minecraft Earth
A little more than a week after the first information from Microsoft about the development of a game called Minecraft Earth, the novelty was officially announced. The game, with the support of augmented reality elements in the style of Pokemon Go will be available on iOS and Android devices. As planned, the announcement was made for the 10th anniversary of Minecraft. According to Microsoft, a beta version of Minecraft Earth may be available as early as next month. To gain access to the game, all interested must register on the official website. What differs Microsoft from other AR games, such as Pokemon Go or Harry Potter Wizards Unite, is that instead of collecting or fighting against iconic monsters, Minecraft Earth focuses on collaborative construction. According to the details given in the trailer, players will collect resources while walking around the neighborhood, which can then be used later in construction projects with other gamers. In addition to building gamers will be growing mobs. The Minecraft Earth application will be free, and it seems that Microsoft does not plan to monetize the game in the near future, although, in the future, microtransactions may still be introduced. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: