McAfee Labs Warns You: Cryptojacking Is Skyrocketing in 2018
The antivirus company McAfee Labs has published its monthly report for the December of 2018. Amidst all the cyber dangers awaiting for Internet users, malicious crypto software stood up significantly. The phenomenon, known as cryptojacking (illegitimate usage of someone else’s devices to mine crypto), is spreading at a fast pace.
Mining cryptocurrency via malware is one of the big stories of 2018. Total “coin miner” malware has grown more than 4,000% in the past year,” is mentioned in the report.
New types of malware are invented almost on a daily basis, thus, antiviruses need to adapt to witty scammers and do it quickly to protect their customers. We remind you that Kaspersky Labs has also mentioned the increase in cryptojacking in its report: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: