Mastercard Will Accelerate Synchronization Using Node Technology in Blockchain
The payment system giant Mastercard will soon develop a new method, which implies the inclusion of the nodes in the blockchain network. This technique will positively affect the synchronization process, according to a document published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. This document describes an algorithm which will enable the nodes to connect and verify the content of a particular block. The main objective of the invention is to increase the speed which nodes storing complete copies of transaction histories "catch up" with the rest of the network at. The application also noted that "the blockchain may contain thousands, millions or even billions of records about transactions located in a large number of blocks, each of which must be verified before new ones are generated and added".
"Verifying such a large number of blocks can take considerable time, during which new blocks can be added to the blockchain, which makes it even more difficult to activate new nodes. Thus, a technical solution is needed to increase the speed with which the blocks are distributed and verified, which will reduce the time required to start a new node in the blockchain, " the patent application said.
In order to achieve this goal, engineers suggested applying "fast track flags", which are in the headings of the blocks. Most likely, the flags will help the nodes to scan what is stored at a high speed. In addition, the configured blockchain technology is also noted. It is an add-on for nodes, which helps to increase their efficiency. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Twitter: