Major American Supermarket Chain Joined IBM’s Food Trust Blockchain
One of the biggest American supermarket chain, Albertsons Companies, has joined IBM's Food Trust blockchain which is considered to be a major digital system of food transportation in the whole world. Coindesk reports that Albertsons will start this cooperation involving suppliers of romaine lettuce. This product was chosen due to an outbreak of E-coli with casualties of five people died and 96 people hospitalized. To prevent such a thing, the management decided to choose exactly this product. Albertsons operates about 2300 stores around the US, they include the Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, and Acme chains. It is the second largest supermarket company in the USA after Kroger. This company becomes the 80th member of the total number of brands involved in Food Trust. The food blockchain itself appeared in October 2018, it solves a lot of issues of modern supermarket chains, including trafficking of the dodge products. From now on the retailers do not need to take away all the products from the tainted category. Moreover, Food Trust has recently signed an agreement with Carrefour - French giant supermarket. The representative of the Albertsons said:
“I truly believe there’s power in numbers. Now all those big companies can come together and ask suppliers to come on the platform. We always had technology in supply chain but now with all the data you can gather the potential is there to take it a step further.”
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