Group Will Accept Payments for Advertising in BTC and BCH
An international technology company Group published a press release on its website. Now you can pay in cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for advertising on the company's services using the myTarget platform. As for Russia's domestic policy regarding cryptocurrency, the situation is not obvious. For example, it was proposed to prohibit the use of virtual currency as a means of payment in the draft law on the regulation of cryptocurrency published in late January. In any case, while the Russian government has not decided on what to do about cryptocurrency, Group will soon allow platform owners participating in the network to receive income in cryptocoins.
"We strive to give our clients maximum opportunities for business development. The myTarget platform will become a basis for the ecosystem, which will keep on developing, including other Mail.Ru Group products, for example, game projects", Dmitry Sergeev, the First Deputy General Manager of Mail.Ru Group states.
The international payment processing system in bitcoins BitPay will be used as a partner for conducting transactions on the network. It successfully cooperates with 50,000 companies all over the world, including such giants as Microsoft, Virgin Galactic, PayPal, and Zynga. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: