MacOS 10.15 Catalina Now Available for Update
Apple used to release all operating systems on the same day, but over time, this tradition began to be forgotten and disappeared at all. This may be due to the fact that now each OS requires more careful handling of the design and testing. So macOS Catalina became available for download tree weeks after the release of iOS 13, yesterday, October 7, 2019. At first blush, it might seem that macOS Catalina is a minor upgrade to the desktop OS. The first and only thing that comes to users' minds when mentioning this update is the disappeared iTunes utility. Many even have no idea that Apple divided it into three independent applications, which now share the functionality of the program. However, today we will tell you about the innovations of macOS Catalina, you maybe did not even hear about.

IPad Application Support on Mac

Project Catalyst is a toolkit that lets developers port tablet apps to macOS and vice versa, using the benefits of both platforms. As a result, such applications as Twitter, Asphalt 9, DC Universe and many others will appear on the Mac. Earlier they could be used only on iPhone or iPad.

Updated application “Photos”

How often you open the Photos app? Most likely, a little more often than never. Apple developers have done extensive work to improve it in new macOS Catalina. Now, this is not just a repository of pictures that you would never look at, but a large platform with advanced processing tools and smart grouping functions. Due to these new features, the application will show you the best photos, reminding you when they were taken, which will make you enjoy the nostalgia.

Notes became easier

The “gallery” mode made the “Note” application more visual, and now it became much easier and faster to find the necessary note in a large list. The “Shared Folders” function lets several users work on one note or group of notes at the same time.

Unlock Mac with Apple Watch

The ability to unlock a Mac using the Apple Watch appeared a few years ago, but then it replaced only the password. The macOS Catalina made it possible to access private sections of the computer using a smartwatch. If they are on your wrist, you can easily view logins and passwords, open secure applications and do much more, which requires verification.