Low-Dose Radiation Has a Positive Effect on Curing Aggressive Types of Brain Cancer
According to the report made by Science Daily, experts made an important step in finding the treatment for glioblastoma, the most widespread and at the same time the most aggressive and dangerous type of brain tumor. The scientists and doctors from the Massachusetts General Hospital. one of the oldest and most famous clinical hospitals in the US and the part of Harvard Medical School, experimented with using low doses of radiation on mice with glioblastoma.

The essence of the experiment

The radiation did not diminish the cells of the tumor, however, it significantly facilitated and accelerated the access of therapeutic nanoparticles to the malignant cells and their better perception by the body.
We found that radiation therapy primes brain tumors for enhanced uptake of nanotherapeutics, allowing us to develop a targeted nanoparticle to deliver siRNAs for both immune checkpoint and targeted therapy against the most aggressive type of brain tumor,” said Bakhos Tannous, the neuro-oncologist of the hospital.
A solid lipid nanoparticle used during the experiment seems like a good option for treatment due to its small size, cheap manufacturing, positive charge, stability and other beneficial factors. It was determined that the usage of low-dose radiation coupled with the nanoparticle therapy managed to increase the survival rate of the patients with such diagnosis. The usual life expectancy with glioblastoma is 11-15 months, depending on the age and physical features of a person.


52% of all brain and central nervous system tumors is glioblastomas. They affect 2-3 out of every 100 thousand people. Its high invasiveness, growth speed and resistance to most types of treatments make it one of the deadliest cancerous diseases in the world. The new research conducted by the scientist from Massachusetts General may bring hope to thousands of patients all over the world. We remind you that recently, the experts have come up with a promising theory which could potentially cure AIDS in the future. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinshark/