Risk All in a Single Bet for Bitcoin
Bitcoin continues to take over people's minds all around the world. For instance, a Dutch man has recently sold everything he owned to buy Bitcoin. Didi Taihuttu sold his house and all his valuable property for 85 BTC. This 39-year old man could not afford purchasing cryptocurrency before, however he was very interested in it. Anyway, having made a long journey through Asia and Australia the father of three children made his landmark decision – it is high time to go all in. According to Didi, he has a rather adventurous family and all of them felt really excited about that challenge. Meanwhile everything seems to work out so far, as Bitcoin rate reached its maximum point of $ 20 000 this week. But who know how it will finally end up for a man living on a campsite. Within 2017 the rate of this cryptocurrency has increased by 20 times – the very same day the year before 1 BTC cost only $ 1000.