Litecoin and Monero Founders Discuss Possible Merging of Two Cryptocurrencies

According to XMR founder Riccardo Spagni, Charlie Lee and him have been discussing possible merging of altcoins for the last few days. The new project can be called LAMEA.

Charlie Lee have long been interested in the development of a protocol that would let users carry out transactions between blockchains of different currencies. He believes that Litecoin liquidity and Monero anonymity will balance each other.

Ricardo Spagni wrote in his Twitter:

However, Mr.Lee wrote that Ricardo “joked a bit” about the merging of cryptocurrencies.

One thing is clear: creators of important cryptocurrencies are getting ready for something. It can be a new pump in the cryptomarket. There are some sideway facts in favor of this theory: a few days ago the legendary developer of the Bitcoin core, Greg Maxwell joined Monero’s team. In due course he treated Monero’s anonymity as one of the best. He said that it was implemented by head and shoulders above other cryptocurrencies

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