List of Cities Where People Are Googling
Bitcoin has been a finance phenomenon for 10 years already. Once in a while people forget about it and do not talk much about the world’s first coin, however sometimes Bitcoin is put on everybody’s A-list. Let us see how popular it is now, and most importantly where it is popular the most. Read more: Tuur Demeester is a Bitcoin economist who has made research on where ‘Bitcoin’ was Googled the most and posted the results on Twitter.
  1. Lagos, Nigeria
The first city, quite surprisingly, is the biggest city in Nigeria - Lagos. Due to a high level of inflation, people try to find other alternatives to earn money and they choose crypto. Interestingly, the amount of requests “Buy Bitcoin” is much bigger than just “Bitcoin.”
  1. Vienna, Austria
The second city is Vienna - the capital of Austria. With the population of the country, every average Viennese type “Bitcoin” request even more frequently than in Lagos, maybe they know something we do not know?
  1. San Jose, California, the USA
As for the third city on the list, it is no secret that people from Silicon Valley may be interested in new technologies. including Bitcoin and blockchain. You can see the rest of the cities below. Leave in comments whether this list was a surprise for you or you knew that these cities are keen on Bitcoin. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1077"] Source: Bitcoinist[/caption] We remind you: