List of addresses instead of access to bitcoin-wallets with 1.1 million bitcoins
Australian businessman Craig Wright, posing as Satoshi Nakamoto, was unable to access wallets that hold 1,100,000 BTC worth nearly $ 10 billion. Relatives of the late Dave Kleiman, Craig’s business partner, report that Craig submitted to the court only a list of 16 thousand Bitcoin network addresses that supposedly belong to him. 
“Wright did not provide any information about the financially obligated courier, which company he/she works for when he/she arrived, or the content of the transmitted message,” — the plaintiffs said.
It is clear that having a list cannot provide access to these wallets. The lawyers of the Kleiman family asked the court to postpone further consideration of the case for 90 days, for a detailed study of the documents of the Wright for additional information about the courier. In addition, they are going to ask the businessman seven questions to clarify previously unknown details of the case. This week on Tuesday, Craig Wright told the court that he had received “the necessary information and part of the key to unlocking the encrypted file” in order to gain access to some of the blocked Tulip Trust funds, which account for almost $ 10 billion of cryptocurrency that they obtained with partner Dave Kleiman. Earlier, Wright was caught several times by the court on forging documents and other data that are relevant to the case.