Lightning Network: What State Is the Technology Currently in?
The last time we talked about the Lightning Network of Bitcoin, it showed massive increases in development. It was in December of last year. We remind you: Let’s see what happened with the Network in a month or so. According to the analytical data from the site 1ML, the number of the channels in the Lightning Network has grown by approximately 36% since last month and is now more than 22 thousand. Visually, the Networks looks like this: [caption id="attachment_27764" align="alignnone" width="849"] Source:[/caption] As for the active nodes in the Network, they also increased in quantity and are approaching the point of 6 thousand ones. The technology was first launched back in March of 2018. It was created as a solution to the major problem of Bitcoin blockchain - the infamous scalability problem. The Lightning Network is maintained by 6 teams of specialists all over the world. Since the very launch date, it has been gaining momentum and expanding massively. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: