Libra Consortium Ready to Launch Coin Next Year
Despite constant pressure from regulators, the Libra consortium is not going to back down from its plan to launch a stable digital coin. Libra is preparing to launch a coin, but there is no clear plan and strategy for the development of the project within the association since it all depends on negotiations with regulators, one of the board members Patrick Ellis informed. “At this stage, there is no strategy set in stone for the markets or the product, or how it will actually get rolled out,” Ellis said Earlier we wrote that the EU officially banned all stablecoins, including Libra. Besides, the project has a huge number of powerful opponents in different countries of the world, so many experts doubt the Facebook stable coin launch. Mark Zuckerberg is very serious, he previously stated that he will go to the end, but stressed that the coin will enter the market only after the approval of the regulators.