LG Presents Its New Cutting Edge Televisions with See-Through Screens

One of the largest technological exhibitions, CES, taking place in Las Vegas, keeps surprising us with new innovative technologies, creative gadgets and upgrades to already existing things that we couldn’t even think of 10 or 20 years ago.

The electronic devices giant LG presented its new generation of television. Being the only company producing large OLED screens, LG keeps bringing the experience of watching favorite movie and TV shows on a brand new level.

The main cool and unique features of LG TVS are as follows:

  • the screens can be curved
  • the color black is as vibrant as it could possibly be
  • the screens could be transparent
  • 8K resolution

New televisions absolutely impressed the CES visitors. The experience of watching something on them is closer to the real cinema that any other company could get to so far.

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