Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Added 10 Trading Pairs

Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Added 10 Trading Pairs

Users of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange will be able to use two preliminary orders and 10 trading pairs again. Earlier, nine of them were inaccessible due to the increased load on the system.

Twitter representatives of Kraken reported that the activity of the exchange became much more stable after the modernization of the trading engine on the 13th of January, so it was decided to return previously disabled options.

Now two preliminary orders are available for traders again, they are stop-loss and take-profit. According to the representatives of the platform, there will be other advanced orders within the next few weeks, they are being tested at the moment.

There are 10 cryptocurrency pairs on the site:XRP/CAD, XRP/JPY, EOS/EUR, EOS/USD, XLM/EUR, XLM/USD, GNO/EUR, GNO/USD, REP/USD and ZEC/JPY.

In the future the site promises to add additional pairs, but does not disclose any details. However, as noted in the message, Kraken is considering XBT/GBP and ETH/GBP, but even the approximate terms of their listing are not yet revealed.

We would like to remind you that Jesse Powell, the head of the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, shared his opinion at the World Government Summit in Dubai that investors themselves should be responsible for the risks when investing into digital currencies.

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Cryptocurrency Prices: The Rating Is in the Red Zone

Cryptocurrency Prices: The Rating Is in the Red Zone

According to the trading portal, Bitcoin (BTC) fell by 2.27% in the last 24 hours. The price at the time of writing is $8122.

The prices of cryptocurrencies are jumping again. Only yesterday they were growing, but today the rating is showing red numbers again. Ripple decreased by 3.27%, Monero lost 6.31%, Stellar fell by 5.10%, the price of EOS is also in the red zone – it dropped by 2.76%.

Ethereum is showing a fall by 2.95%. Its value at the time of writing is $682 per coin.

The total market capitalization is $370 billion. Bitcoin accounts for 37.3% of the total amount. It is $138 billion in monetary terms.

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The Japanese bank MUFG Will Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

The Japanese bank MUFG Will Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

After loud statements by Buffett and Gates concerning cryptocurrency, it seemed that at least the state institutions of countries would refuse from it, but a Japanese bank Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group still decided to acquire its own cryptocurrency, MUFG Coin, in 2019.

“Regarding the speculation (in) media reports, these reports are not based on any announcement by MUFG, and the details have not been decided,” the bank’s spokesman said in an emailed statement to Reuters. “However we can only say that it’s true that MUFG is conducting demonstration experiments on the ‘Coin’ within the company utilizing a blockchain technology.”

According to NHK Japan, the digital currency MUFG Coin will be tested for suitability in several regions of the country. 100,000 people who are associated with the company will be able to participate.

Representatives of the bank will provide an opportunity for users to use the cryptocurrency as a means to pay for goods and services in shops and institutions. The bank’s digital currency can be transferred to the accounts of those who participate in the project. If the idea is successful, then MUFG will be the first Japanese bank that has its own digital currency.

The MUFG coin can be used exclusively in Japan. In the world market it can be traded in pairs at non-financial currency exchanges instead of USTD (Tether cryptocurrency, tied to the dollar).

Those people who have downloaded and installed an application that automatically converts deposits into MUFG Coin will be able to take part in the test of the new currency. The cost of one coin is equal to one yen.

We remind you that the management of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group announced its intention to launch a  cryptocurrency exchange with the national currency, as well as a service with split Bitcoin-accounts.

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