Visa, BTC 교환을 위해 비트 코인 지갑과 연동

Visa Inc's CEO says the payment company will work with BTC wallets. This will make Visa a global company in the cryptocurrency market

The company plans to start buying BTC with Visa vouchers. Start collaborating with online wallets to facilitate the conversion of Bitcoin into fiat currencies. This will allow the use of cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services in more than 70 million companies around the world.

According to the Director of Products, Visa should become a bridge between suppliers of goods and services and the cryptosphere. Steps have already been taken in this direction.

Visa products now use 35 cryptocurrency platforms. In the future, thanks to cooperation with Bitcoin wallets, the prospects for the development of cryptoVisa will be even better.

Following Visa, mastercard is developing its cryptocurrency strategy. Both companies stimulate the development of cryptocurrency technologies. Mastercard even has several patents to make the payment system compatible with the Iota Tangle Network.

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