Polkadot은 파라 체인을 시작할 준비가되었습니다.

The creators of the Polkadot project have informed users that the deployment of the protocol in the main network is in high readiness

After activating the Polkadot 0.9 update, which the developers recently reported, Kusama is ready to accept the parachains. Mainnet will undergo an external audit for greater security before implementation. There will also be one test auction to test the functioning of the parachain in the conditions created.

The audit of the blockchain will be completed soon. The exact dates are not disclosed and the launch of the first parachain auction will be announced a week before the event.

A total of five auctions will be held at the beginning. After their successful completion and control of the results, all other auctions will take place on the Polkadot network.

Recall that work in the test network Polkadot is underway from August 2020. Earlier it was reported that the first auctions of parachains will take place in the first quarter of 2021. However, the developers reported stability problems and the launch was postponed.

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