Mastercard 및 Island Pay, CBDC 용 암호 화폐 카드 출시

The world's first payment card linked to the national digital asset (CBDC) supported by the Central Bank has been created in the Bahamas

All payments made with the card are automatically converted from digital money to fiat. With the help of the card in the Bahamas, you will be able to pay for goods and services of local sellers, as well as to shop abroad.

Authorities in the Bahamas expect that the SandDollar card will help resuscitate the local economy, simplify social payments and online shopping.

SandDollar has been known since last year. Mastercard tested it in its virtual environment, assessing the prospects for the release, use and exchange of Sand Dollar.

Everyone was pleased with the projected cost reduction and the high quality of service. It remains to achieve this in real life! 

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