Dogecoin으로 백만장자가되는 방법

Today we will tell you how Glauber Contessoto in April 2021 became a dollar millionaire, thanks to DOGE

Meme cryptocurrency is a popular project and has a big community. It is often tweeted, not only doge-holders, but also celebrities.

The result of their work in 2021 was a powerful increase in the price of cryptocurrency. The coin has risen by 4,600% in a few months. Thanks to this, users of the cryptosphere got a good profit.

The story of Glauber Contessoto, who became a millionaire thanks to Dogecoin is very simple. He didn't have to work hard or wait a long time.

He purchased DOGE for $180,000 on February 5, 2021. He paid $0.045 for one coin. In just a couple of months, the investment grew by 870%, and he made millions.

The decision to invest in DOGE Contessoto explains simply. He liked the zeal with which the community supported Dogecoin. Also, we should not forget about the constant support of this cryptocurrency by Elon Musk. This guy is a genius, and knows a lot about good projects!

So, Contessoto raised funds from Tesla and Uber shares, added the margin from trading on the Robinhood platform, and invested it all in cryptocurrency. According to the investor, his goal is to get 10 million from the investment in Doge. Well, good luck!

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