Cryptocurrencies는 당신의 생명을 구할 수 있습니다

Most of the success stories based on cryptocurrency boil down to the personal enrichment of a particular person. But what if one of these stories could save a person, not his pocket, but his life?

On the r / Cryptocurrency subreddit, one of the users under the nickname UsersAndAbusers told a seemingly everyday story about how he met a student in the university library who was looking for a book on cryptocurrencies. It turned out that the guy was trying to understand what digital currencies are in general and in the future to invest their hard-earned money in them.

The author of the post gave him introductory information on cryptocurrencies, helped him register on several large crypto-exchanges and useful resources for monitoring prices. After that, he advised Cardano (ADA), Golem (GLM), Nexo (NEXO), Ethereum (ETH) and XinFin (XDC). As a result, the student invested in all of these coins.

In two years, ADA has shown growth by 2500%, ETH - by 1220%, NEXO has gained 2800% in "weight", and XDC since 2019 has grown by as much as 6000%. The most modest figures were shown by the GLM token, which grew by “only” 585%.

UsersAndAbusers received a message this week from a student who said that the return on the investment helped him pay for the treatment of his father, who is suffering from lung cancer.

Many users in the topic were happy for the guy, but some of them were very upset that most of the earnings went to treatment. One of them noted that it is very sad when the healthcare system does not give a person hope for a decent level of free treatment, which is why sometimes one has to trite hope for a miracle.

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