Discord 서버를 위한 상위 5개 봇

If a few years ago every self-respecting crypto project had to have a chat on Telegram, but today the situation has changed. Discord is definitely the main crypto-messenger of 2021-2022. This messenger has many useful features, is also easy to use and allows you to solve various tasks related to informing the audience and interacting with your community. At the same time, the functionality can be significantly expanded through the use of various bots. That's exactly what we're going to talk about in this article!

Bots in Discord perform a variety of features, including moderation of channels, community communication, playing music, auto-posting news from Twitter or other social networks. Especially for you, we've collected the Top-5 bots, which you must have if you own a Discord Server!

#1 Mee6

A bot, without which it's hard to imagine a developed Discord Server. By using it, you're able to create teams that will be responsible for assigning and deleting roles, sending messages in a channel, as well as making your own fun welcome message, set up stream alerts and much more.

Bot Features:

  • setting up moderation – set up security settings and protect your server from spam using the auto-moderation feature;
  • role management – encourage active users of the service with roles when they reach the required level;
  • notification settings – let your friends on the server know you go live or notify them of a new post;
  • create your own custom commands – this feature allows you to create commands for managing roles, sending messages and much more.

Add the Bot to Your Server now: https://mee6.xyz/ 

#2 InviteTracker

The bot offers lots of features, such as invite and messages tracking, and… basically, these are its major features.

With Invite Tracker, you can track activity on the server and monitor how many users were invited by a particular participant (at the same time, the bot displays how many users left the server, and how many of them are fake).

 Also, the bot's features include member rewards, giveaway schedules, notifications, and much more. It can welcome new users of your server with a fully customizable message sending feature, and the entire arsenal of commands is available in the personal account on the bot's server.

Bot Features:

  • moderation of invites and messages on the server, users' Leaderboard by the number of messages and invites sent;
  • verification configuration with role assignment;
  • setting up alerts – sending messages to server users;
  • auto-moderation;
  • setting up and launching Giveaways for community development.

Add the Bot to Your Server now: https://invite-tracker.com/  

#3 Cyber-Geek Game Bot 

Since we're talking about community development, we should definitely mention bots for engagement. There are game bots, bots for creating giveaways and rewards, however, this game bot from a popular Web3-developer combines several features at once and is easily configured for the needs of any server.

Cyber-Geek Game Bot is a survival game where users can get any prizes (merch, crypto, money, whitelists, etc.). It's distinguished from its analogues by a large library of humorous stories, cool functions like “miraculous rescue” (when even a user who's already kicked out of the game can return and win) and flexible configuration of access to the game (including admin can configure access to the game only to owners of certain NFTs, which is a very useful feature for NFT projects). Great customization allows you to customize the bot for the project's tasks: any number of winners, different/identical prizes for each winner, the speed of the game, etc.

Bot Features:

  • setting up and launching Giveaway for community development playfully;
  • entertaining server users, cheering them up;
  • increasing your community engagement level;
  • role and NFT-pass access;
  • just really fun.

Add the Bot to Your Server now: https://cyber-geek.io/   

#4 Ticket Tool 

A bot that's idolized by all the discord admins and moderators, because it allows you to structure the questions coming from users and not miss a single one! You can set up several administrative panels at once so that users open tickets in different categories for different issues.

The bot creates a separate channel in a given category for each question, while the server is not spamming since only the user who created it and the server admins have access to the specified channel. After the issue is resolved, the channel can be closed or deleted.

Bot Features:

  • user feedback collection;
  • structuring questions, making life easier for your moderators. 

Add the Bot to Your Server now: https://tickettool.xyz/

#5 Community Hubs

With this bot, you let participants create their own content (chat servers or DAO project servers especially love it). It also allows users to create individual hubs directly on the project server using a simple command, “!hub create”. At the same time, admins and moderators can close the channels they do not like.

Bot Features:

  • increase audience engagement;
  • individual hubs creation, moderation, and administration;
  • expansion of the server structure by opening user categories.

Add the Bot to Your Server now: https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=805755479229595658&permissions=8&scope=bot%20applications.commands 

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