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There are many brokers you can invest your money with. The selection is almost endless. But there are not so many brokers who’ve made it their business to invest in you.

iFOREX is such a broker; it offers many trading tools and resources designed that can aid you in maximizing your trading potential, giving out market information, training, and support. For over 25 years, iFOREX has made its name as one of the largest and most respected firms in the Fintech industry, emerging early on as an industry leader in technological innovation and with a dedication to trust and excellence.

The company’s vast educational assets include 1-on-1 training with a trading coach, an exclusive Trader Guide, curated with 25 years of knowledge and experience, video lessons to those who prefer visual explanations, detailed trading articles with insight into different CFD products, global markets, trading tactics and many more. Those who want practical experience will be able to acquire it by utilizing the $5,000 Demo Account provided for new clients.

We’ll go over each in detail and learn why these offerings are crucial to your success, whether you are a new or a veteran investor.


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The most unique offer on their education treasure trove is a personal, 1-on-1 training session with a dedicated coach. In a world where everything is digitized and customers are being aided by robots, this training stands out. The company will invest a full training session on every new client, making sure they are familiar with the platform and their account, and comfortable before making their move.

During this training session, the coach will take you around iFOREX’s proprietary platform, the FXnet, a trading platform developed by the broker itself, and which may need some introduction if you are a veteran trader coming off one of the industry’s staple platforms. For new traders, this platform is welcoming and easily managed as you make your first steps in the market. The coach will explain the ins and outs of how to open a deal and where to manage your account funds including deposits and withdrawals and will direct you to more educational materials which you can pursue independently later, and at your own pace.

These training sessions (as the platform itself) are conducted in the trader’s native language, which is an amazing plus for someone new, who needs to get acquainted with trading terminology as they start.

When it comes to independent learning, iFOREX has quite a few resources you can take at your own time and pace, over and over as needed. On their platform, you’ll find step-by-step introductions to some basic actions every trader should know. It is through the act of repetition that you truly become a savvy user, and so these come in handy for traders to go over and become more comfortable in their trader skin.

These walkthroughs also include informational videos which you can pause and play as you like, should you need to follow instructions as you perform platform actions.

When it comes to written materials, the selection is even greater. Starting with a trader guide which their coaches have created over 25 years, after speaking to thousands of traders and understanding their needs. This guide is sent out immediately as you sign up with the company, so you can prepare for your live coaching sessions and ask relevant questions when you have the coach at your disposal. Filled with many tips and techniques, traders new and experienced alike will make good use of its content for the entire duration of their trading experiences.

Moving and advancing your knowledge requires research. So instead of scanning the internet for the best information about the topic you are interested in, iFOREX has put together an education hub with more than 30 informative articles. These articles will take you deeper and deeper into the macros and micros, as far as you want to go, and enrich yourself. With articles explaining the basics of ETFs and market sentiment to simplified explanations of advanced topics such as Bollinger Bands, you can take your market moves to the next level as you become more powerful as you make knowledge-based decisions. 


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On iFOREX’s platform itself, traders can find a video lesson hub with 12 dedicated programs. These videos, arranged in basic and advanced categories can help bring together everything you already know. Fill in the gaps or provide important knowledge in visual display. The tutorials deal with topics such as Economics, CFDs, Stocks, Trading Psychology, and capital management among others. The content of these videos is relevant to everyone, as it is always important to see the bigger picture when making a trading decision or taking the required steps to protect your funds and investment activities.

Done learning but lacking some experience? No problem. Just log in to a dedicated demo account, funded with $5,000, and you can open trades, set limits, and try all of this new knowledge in a stress-free, risk-free environment within the same platform you are going to use for real investments later on. It’s natural to want to experience the market before committing to live trades, and that corresponds perfectly with the iFOREX motto of empowering traders’ knowledge and confidence.

Head on to iforex.com where all of these resources are offered, and take a sample of the materials which are open to all to get a notion of their quality and selection.

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