SEC는 Ripple 창립자의 개인 재정 지출에 대한 보고서를 요구했습니다.

Ripple executives called the new SEC requirements, put forward amid a $1.3 billion lawsuit, "an inappropriate overkill."

Chris Larsen and Brad Garlinghouse have rejected a new demand from the US Securities and Exchange Commission to disclose their personal financial spending as part of an impending legal investigation. The lawyers of the co-founders of Ripple argue that their personal spending in stores and payments for other services have nothing to do with the lawsuit. Therefore, such a requirement, in their opinion, is at least absurd.

Lawyers made a request to protect personal information of Garlinghouse and Larsen against the background of the SEC filing with six banks at once: Silver Lake Bank, First Republic Bank, Silvergate Bank, Citibank, SVB Financial Group, as well as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The SEC sent a request to the same banks to collect personal information about financial spending - from income from activities not related to Ripple to weekly spending on groceries in supermarkets.

In addition to monthly reports from personal bank accounts, the SEC also required the attachment of images of money transfers, including electronic ones, and checks.

At the same time, the lawyers of the co-founders of the cryptocurrency company clarified that their clients are ready to provide financial documentation related to the XRP sale and information on compensation received from Ripple.

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