Goldman Sachs CEO : 비트 코인이 곧 진화합니다

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon is convinced that Bitcoin will face a "big evolution" in the conflict with regulators in the United States.

Solomon said that he is closely watching what is happening with the cryptocurrency market and the high demand that he forms from clients of one of the largest banks in America.

According to the CEO of Goldman Sachs, due to restrictions, some financial institutions are not allowed to offer direct access to such a volatile asset class as cryptocurrencies. Due to the fact that the digital currency market is viewed by US departments as high-risk, financial institutions are only able to offer clients investments in securities or funds listed on the exchange.

However, David Solomon is optimistic and predicts a quick change in the situation around cryptocurrencies. But he also clarified that he did not know what the consequences might be.

So far, Goldman Sachs intends to focus on finding new proposals related to digital currencies, within the framework of the legislation, so as not to provoke potential conflicts with regulators.

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